Statement On SMOK Brand and Official Social Media Accounts

Thanks very much to SMOK fans for your continued support. SMOK has been moving forward because of all of you! In view of the questions we've received recently concerning authentic product purchase, and repeated inquiries on SMOK official brand and social media accounts, now we make the following statements:

About Product

SMOK products are all manufactured by SMOK, which is guaranteed by strict quality and safety certification. Fake and inferior products may have defects from the design, materials, quality and safety inspection, which will pose a great hidden danger to the users' safety. Please purchase products from formal channels, recognize SMOK authentic products, and check authenticity in time after purchase!

SMOK Product Verification:

SMOK Global Partners (Partial):

SMOK Global B2C Platform Authorized Stores:

About Brand

SMOK brand and its relative brands:

SMOK    [smɒk]   


Statement: Except for these two brands, all the other e-cigarette brands and e-juice brands don't belong to the brands owned by SMOK, and have nothing to do with SMOK brand. Some of brands' spellings are similar to that of SMOK, but they actually have no connection with SMOK, as listed below:

Smok-E Mountain
Green Smoke

About SMOK Official Social Media Accounts

Instagram Platform

SMOK Official Accounts:

Except for the above two accounts on the Instagram platform, any other account is not SMOK's official account or authorized account! The following are the accounts that have been frequently mistaken for SMOK's official account by the part of users:


Facebook Platform

SMOK Brand Sole Official Account:

Twitter Platform

SMOK Brand Sole Official Account:

This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Important Safety Information and Warnings
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