"Stay True to the Original Self and Fly Higher"

Shenzhen IVPS Technology company (hereinafter referred to as "IVPS") 2018 New Year Party themed as " Stay True to the Original Self and Fly Higher" was grandly held at Gems Cube International Hotel Shenzhen on January 15, 2018. More than 400 people from IVPS headquarters and employees of its subsidiaries, leaders of investment agencies and cooperation units enjoyed this happy get-together to jointly open a new chapter in 2018!

All the hosts make their debut.

"Stay True to the Original Self and Fly Higher"---IVPS 2018 New Year Party

At the beginning of the party, IVPS President Ouyang Junwei made a new year speech. In his remarks, he extended full affirmation to everyone present: under the cordial care of leaders at all levels, with the strong support of people from all walks of life, as well as the joint efforts of all of IVPS colleagues, we have achieved extraordinary results; we've successfully completed the production and operation tasks, with new highs year by year; we've continue to consolidate the leading position in the industry. 

2018 is gonna be an amazing year for us, with lots to look forward to. We are sweeping into the market with a brand new enterprise style to welcome the upcoming colorful year in the IVPS history. We are also making great efforts to step into a fast lane of rapid development.

Lastly, President Ouyang Junwei expressed his thanks to people from all walks of life for their sincere trust and love to IVPS. We, as always, will adhere to the ultimate consumer experience as the core, adhere to product innovation and development, adhere to our own brand of operation and the global map channel development, and continue to provide the development of the soil for our diligent staff. We firmly believe that stay true to the original self and will certainly fly higher.

IVPS President Ouyang Junwei delivers a new year speech.

After the dinner, IVPS President Ouyang Junwei, our "first tenor" and "male god", brought a solo performance "Fly Higher", opening the prelude to the new spring party. The party was so fantastic that everyone was immersed with the joyful atmosphere, including self-directed and self-acted youthful dance and rap show, warm and touching video to show corporate culture, happy events sharing from staff, the award ceremony for outstanding teams and members, and the most exciting part--lucky draws.

President Ouyang Junwei is performing the solo "Fly Higher".

Staff from headquarters and subsidiaries jointly perform the dance "Good Time", which is full of youth and vitality.

Vapor Kongfu team and Gaoqi from overseas operation department bring the shows of "Flourishing" and "Dangerous" successively, perfectly combing high-tech e-cigarette vapor show with unique performances.

Staff from subsidiaries is performing a rap show, receiving thunderous applause fromattendees.

Zeng Zhaoyou (9th from the left), General Manager of IVPS subsidiary, presents awards to outstanding employees and outstanding shift leaders.

President Ouyang Junwei (8th from the left) presents awards to outstanding employees of headquarters.

Executive Director Chen Wen (3rd from the left) presents awards to outstanding teams from headquarters and subsidiaries.

Fantastic laser show "Glorious 2018" brings us unlimited expectations for the year of 2018, illuminating the direction where we are heading.

The performance "Happy Events in SMOK" relives the happy events happening in 2017, witnessing the growth of the company and employees, and looking forward to a fruitful 2018.

The folk dance performance "I'm Waiting for You at SMOK" by staff from subsidiaries expresses our wonderful vision of together writing a brilliant chapter of life at SMOK.

Performers are performing the song and dance "The Wild Child". Their melodious singing and graceful dancing show the persistence and courage of IVPS start-up, as well as remarkable wisdom and responsibility.

The heart-pounding lucky draw part leads the atmosphere to a climax, while the mysterious cash prize causes a thrill among all the participants.

Executive Vice President Shen Cheng (3rd from the right) presents the awards to the prize-winning shows.

Executive Vice President Shen Cheng (3rd from the right) presents the awards to the prize-winning shows.

All the executives and performers are singing the song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" together. 

IVPS 2018 New Year Party draws a perfect ending period in the melody of "Tomorrow Will Be Better", which echoes the aspiration of everyone of IVPS for a better tomorrow. Saying goodbye to 2017, we stand on a new starting line; saying hello to 2018, we will always stay true to the original self and work together to create resplendence for a splendid future!

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