IVPS CFO Tang Xiaomi Elected Deputy to 1st NPC of Guangming District


On the morning of October 13, the first session of the first People's Congress of Shenzhen Guangming District opened in the Cultural Hall of Guangming District. The conference was hosted by Zhou Rongsheng, routine president of the congress presidium and leader of District People's Congress preparatory team. Liu Sheng,  Deputy Secretary of Guangming District's Party and leader of District Government Preparatory Team, submitted a report on its work on behalf of the District Government Preparatory Team. IVPS CFO Tang Xiaomi, as the deputy to the 1st NPC of Guangming District, attended the conference. Together with other deputies, she listened and reviewed the work report of the district government, as well as joined in the discussion over the future planning and development of Guangming District.

In the work report, District Mayor Liu Sheng pointed out that the focus of this year's government work was to promote the planning and construction of Guangming Science City with high standards and high quality, accelerate the construction of a new urban center in Guangming District and take stress on the cluster development of high-end industries. The report also noted that the government would expand the development space through multiple measures, make up for the shortfalls in infrastructure with extraordinary efforts, deepen the social governance and greatly improve the quality of public services such as education, medical care, culture and sports, meanwhile, with  a greater sense of urgency and responsibility, open up new prospects for various work of Guangming District. 

IVPS, as an outstanding enterprise in Guangming District, its planned Electronic Atomizer Headquarters R&D and Industrialization Center is one of the first batch of projects concerning people's livelihood and key industries after the official launch of Guangming District, which is of great significance for Guangming District to build a world-class science city and the northern center of Shenzhen. It also injects new vitality into the rapid growth of Guangming District. As the deputy to the 1st NPC of Guangming District, CFO Tang Xiaomi is deeply aware of the important responsibility on her shoulders, since it's both a honor and a mission. On the one hand, she will strengthen the study and boost the capacity for performing duties; on the other hand, she will strive for making the company to be the most competitive one and make a positive contribution to the economic development of Guangming District. Under the leadership of district government, joint efforts have to be made to gradually translate the beautiful blueprint of Guangming District into reality.

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