Welcome to join SMOK & KOOPOR Small Wholesale, let’s work together and accelerate the development of Vaping industry.    

What is SMOK & KOOPOR Small Wholesale? 

Without traders and wholesalers, SMOK & KOOPOR Small Wholesale, in view of the entity stores all around the world and E-cigarette leaders, is a preferential measures that SMOK & KOOPOR manufacturers face to terminal wholesalers directly.

Small Wholesalers are allowed to order products through the system, which is very simple and convenient. 

With a lower total investment, you can enjoy wholesaler’s purchase price!

About Small Wholesale quantity and color: 

  1. Must order each color of a product

  2. Minimum 5 pieces of each color (Including 5) 

    Take an example for explanation: There is a product with 3 colors for choice, the system will select the 3 colors automatically.(All color are selected status, wholesalers cannot choose color type.)The default quantity is 5(5 pieces is as the minimum quantity, you can adjust your shopping quantity from 5 to 50).That is to say, for this product, wholesalers have to order at least 3*5=15 pieces. 

  3. If you need to order over 50 units of each product and each color, this is no longer belong to small wholesale. Please contact business service commissioner in order to enjoy better shopping experience.  

What are the advantages of joining SMOK & KOOPOR Small Wholesale? 

  1. With a lower total investment, you can enjoy wholesaler’s purchase price.

  2. Without traders and wholesalers, SMOK & KOOPOR manufacturers face to face with terminal wholesalers, share interests with wholesalers and terminal users

  3. Just like customers, self-help shopping, simple and convenient.

  4. 5*10 hours online customer service, provide real time assistance

  5. SMOK & KOOPOR manufacturer will provide after-sales service on the platform, which guarantee your shopping experience.

How to be a SMOK & KOOPOR small wholesale?

It is very simple, only 3 steps: 

Step 1
Go to the website: , Click the button“Apply to be SMOK partner”and fill out the application form strictly according to the facts, then submit the form.

Step 2
IVPS will review your application form within 3 working days and inform you the results by email. Please check your email in time.(If you cannot find the email in your mailbox, please check your junk mail)

Step 3
Please use the landing information from the email we sent you, then you can go shopping as a small wholesaler.    

This product is intended to be used with e-liquid products containing nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Important Safety Information and Warnings
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