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Numicro ISP Programming tool for GX2/4(Not for GX350)

UPGRADE tool for your GX2/4


GX2/4 V1.0.10

1. Improved safety performance: It will say "check battery" if you don't close the battery cover properly.

2. 200 Milliseconds delay of opening. In case it may read the battery incorrectly when the battery door isn't closed properly at first.



1. You have to turn off the device and take out the battery before upgrading

2. You have to hold the fire button all the time during the upgrading



1. Factory Micro USB cable (with data transfer function).

2. OS System requirement: Windows XP/7/8/10. (FYI: There is no driver to match Apple Mac OS from the PCB chip vendor.)



GX2/4 v1.0.10



1. Open the GX2/4 upgrading Tool folder with the programming tool and BIN file, and then open the ISP tool in the arrow.

2. Hold the firing button, connect the GX2/4 to the computer(you have to hold the fire button during the entire upgrading)


3. Click the "Connect" icon till the "disconnect" icon come with light

4. Click APROM icon

5. Find the BIN file in the arrow of the folder and open it

6. Please mind that the Config data should be 00013000. Redownload the ISP tool if you can't adjust it.


7. Mark "APROM" file icon and "Config" icons, then click "Start"


8. Please mention that you will get a PASS if you have successfully upgraded your GX2/4.