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Why Is My Vape Popping?


If you’re a new vaper, it can be intimidating or even a bit scary when you go to take a hit and your vape popping. Even worse, the feeling of the dreaded spit back—when hot, unvaporized liquid pops up into your mouth. Although these can be a normal part of the vaping experience, they can sometimes mean there’s an issue with your vaping device.


When you take a hit from your vape, the e-liquid heats up and vaporizes and you’ll often hear this as a series of small, mild popping sounds. If you notice these sounds becoming louder or find that the noise is changing, this is when you’ll want to check out your vape. There are quite a few reasons e-liquid may pop, but there are three main reasons for why is my vape popping.


Low wattage setting

Inhaling from your vape brings air into the tank, and the wick pulls e-liquid to the coil. Having your device set to a low wattage causes it to take longer for the e-liquid to vaporize, allowing it to get into the atomizer chamber before the coil can fully vaporize the e-liquid. If you experience popping and spit back often, try to increase the wattage of your vape so that the e-liquid doesn’t flood the chamber.

Using the wrong e-liquid

E-liquids are made using a mixture of two bases: vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. E-liquids that use higher concentrations of propylene glycol have a thinner consistency and vaporize at lower temperatures. Using these types of e-liquids with tanks that use higher temperatures, such as sub-ohms, allows the thin e-liquid to flood the chamber. If you think this might be the case, simply try swapping out your liquid with a thicker one containing more vegetable glycerin.

Twisted or braided coil

Some vaping devices use coils that are twisted or braided, giving them more space for the e-liquid to seep through for vaporization. However, if you braid your coils yourself, they may not be tight enough, which can lead to louder and more intense popping and spit back. Be sure to twist them extra tightly to avoid this. If you purchase pre-made coils, then you may try opting for a different type.


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