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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?


Taking a hit from your vape and getting a nasty, burnt taste is one of the worst things you can experience as a vaper. Vape tastes burnt or Vape pen tastes burnt are terrible, like charred paper, and it burns from your tongue all the way down into your lungs. This can cause you to choke, cough, or even vomit if it’s bad enough. Although it’ll feel pretty bad for a few minutes, you’re going to want to take the time to fix the problem, which is luckily a pretty easy fix.


The reason of why does my vape taste burnt that is the wick inside the atomizer coil of your vape dried out and then burned when it was heated again. The wick is the cotton part of the vape that soaks up the e-liquid, then holds it until it’s vaporized by the heat. If the wick isn’t fully saturated when you heat it up to take a hit, it’ll char and cause a foul, burnt taste when you inhale. This is called a “dry hit” and has three main causes.

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the process of taking several hits in a row without taking pauses. Without the chance to absorb more fluid between hits, the wick ends up drying out and burning on the hit. Many vapers, especially ex-smokers, tend to take frequent, short hits in succession like they would with cigarettes. If this is something you do that frequently causes dry hits, take a little more time in between.

Not priming your coil

Have you recently replaced your coil only to notice the nasty taste of a dry hit after a puff or two? It’s annoying, and it happens to everyone once or twice when they first start vaping. This happens when the coil isn’t properly primed before vaping. Priming your coil—soaking ir with the e-liquid prior to vaping— allows it to get ready to burn at the high temperatures required to create the vapor without burning.

Vaping when you’re low on juice

Like running your car to empty, running your tank too low and vaping can create some problems. Vaping when you’re low on juice can cause the coil to overheat the wick. Not only does this create a nasty, painful vape, it can also ruin your coils quicker than usual. Remember to always fill your tank fully before vaping, and don’t vape the juice to the bottom of the tank.


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