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When and How to Change the Vape Coil


You’ve purchased your new vape and you’ve been happily puffing away for a few weeks. But now you’re starting to notice a foul, burnt taste to your hits. This is definitely not what you envisioned when you purchased your tasty e-juice. So, what’s going on? The answer (and, luckily, the solution) is simple. Your vape coil needs to be changed!


When to Change your Vape Coil

On average, vapers need to change their vape coils every 1-2 weeks. The actual time between coil changes can vary depending on your vape wattage, how often you hit, and even the type of e-juice you’re using. Luckily, changing the coil is super simple and isn’t very time consuming.

How to Change Your Vape Coil

Step 1: Expose the Coil

Unscrew the tank from the body of the vape to expose the coil in the center. Then remove the top portion of the tank from the bottom to open the tank and expose the coil. This is easiest to do when the tank is dry, but you can use a paper towel to minimize the mess and avoid getting juice on your hands.

Step 2: Empty the Tank

If you still have juice in your tank, go ahead and dump it out into the trash can. It’s best practice to replace the coil with as little old juice as possible in the tank. This is also a good time to go ahead and clean your tank and drip tip while you’re at it!

Step 3: Unscrew the Coil

The coil is the metal and cotton piece at the center of the tank, also known as an “atomizer head.” Depending on your device, this may be attached to the top or bottom portion of your tank. Twist the coil counterclockwise until it comes off. Using a bit of paper towel can help to keep your hands clean and prevent slippage when grasping the coil. And that’s it! You’re now ready to install and prime your new coil.


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