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What is a Dry Hit and How to Avoid Dry Hit


The first time it happens to you, it’s sort of a shock to your system. You pull a hit, and immediately get a nasty, charred taste on your tongue. Your eyes start to water and you cough and reach for a drink. Congratulations - or not! - you’ve just experienced a dry hit. Don’t worry, it’s happened to almost all of us!


Dry hits are bad for you and for your device. When you dry hit your vape, two things are going wrong:

  1. The cottonwick in your coil is burning, and that cotton isn’t healthy to inhale.

  2. The e-juiceoverheats, breaking down into its individual components, and can causesickness if inhaled too often.

What is a dry hit?

Dry hits occur when the cotton wick in your coil isn’t properly saturated with e-juice, or when the coil is filled with gunk. This causes the coil to either burn through the cotton or the gunk, leading to a nasty taste and sensation. Over time, dry hits can actually damage your vaping device.


If you’re noticing a lot of dry hits, you probably don’t have enough juice in the coil and/or your tank. Luckily, avoiding them is simple, if not foolproof: keep your tank filled with juice and don’t forget to prime your coil when you change it.


What causes vapes to have a dry hit

Although the most common reasons for dry hits are dry tanks and gunk buildup, there are a few other causes to be noted.

Bad coils

If you’ve just purchased a brand-new coil and are sure you’ve primed it properly, the coil could just be a dud. It sucks, and it’s rare, but it can happen. In this case, your best bet is to just toss it and replace it with a new one.

High-wattage vaping

Vaping at higher wattages provides huge clouds but can also increase your chances of vaping dry hits. Try to turn down the wattage range or get a coil that is made specifically for high-wattage vaping.

Slow down your hits

If you’re chain vaping, try to allow more time between hits so you don’t burn through your coil and juice as quickly. Thirty seconds to a minute between puffs should be enough time to allow your coil and mod to cool down.

Change out your juice

Juices with more VG are more viscous than those with higher PG levels, so if you’re not using a sub-ohm tank with larger holes, try switching to a higher-PG juice to allow it to penetrate the cotton more easily.


Dry-hit vapes are no fun, and literally leave a bad taste in your mouth. Even if it may not be entirely possible to avoid them forever, by taking these steps to prevent them, you can seriously decrease your chances of taking a dreaded dry hit, and increase your chances of having a better vaping experience.