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What’s A Drip Tip and How Do I Use One?


When it comes to the vaping industry, new and innovative achievements are constantly focused around more advanced devices, bigger screens, or better settings. One of the simplest designs, though, can drastically improve your vaping experience just as much as the others. This piece is known as the drip tip, or mouthpiece, which turns any standard vape into a dripping device.


What is a Vape Drip Tip

The drip tip is a small, hollow mouthpiece that’s used as an alternative to cartridges and cartomizers, two common vape features. Rather than needing to remove anything to fill your tank, you can pour the e-liquid directly into it via the tip. Most quality drip tips are made of stainless steel, Pyrex glass, or ceramic, but you can also find less expensive and lower quality plastic pieces.


Despite their basic design, drip tips need a bit of familiarity with vaping but don’t require as much expertise as dripping or squonking. That’s why drip tips are a great choice for beginners to dripping who want to learn more. Before you begin, there are some things you should know about how they work and how to care for them.


How to Use Your Drip Tip

Because it’s a step down from conventional dripping, using a drip tip is pretty easy. First, place the drip tip over your atomizer to create a channel from the wick in the coil directly to the mouthpiece. Then drip a small amount of your e-liquid through the opening in the mouthpiece, ensuring that the coil is fully saturated. If you don’t add enough juice, you end up burning the wick, which causes a nasty taste upon vaping and can ruin the coil. Add too much juice, and you can have a messy overflow on your hands.

It’s also important to know enough about the type of coil you’re using when dripping. Coils vary in terms of design and thickness, which directly impacts the amount of liquid needed and the rate at which the wick saturates. It can take some time to get this all right, but you’ll eventually figure out the right balance and it’ll become second nature.


How to Take Care of Your Drip Tip

Drip tips are individual pieces of material, which makes them really easy to clean. This is good because keeping them clean is essential for a good vaping experience. Drip tips are pretty open to the world and can get pretty dirty pretty quickly. Just about everything that touches the tip leaves something behind—saliva, skin, food particles, e-liquid, lint. All of this ends up sticking to the drip tip, which ends up both in the e-liquid and back in your mouth when you vape. It’s a good idea to clean your drip tip frequently by running it under warm water and drying it with a cloth or just letting it sit out for a bit. If it’s been a minute since you’ve last cleaned it, some of the gunk can cause buildup in the tip, which may require isopropyl alcohol followed by a warm water rinse.

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