WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

All the disposable products shown in SMOK global official website are not sale in the United States.

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For over 12 years, SMOK is well aware of the importance of the concept of social responsibilities. SMOK has done and will continue to do in Protection of Minors, State of the Art R&D, Charities, Protection of Environment, etc.
Internally, SMOK will always do the best for carrying out a senior product innovation while operating integrity.
Externally, SMOK will devote more social contribution by operating or participating in Environmental Protection Activities or Public Welfare Activities.
Of course, SMOK can do more than that. In 2022, to contribute to the environmental protection of the atomization industry, also to create more green energy for the community, SMOK will integrate social responsibility into every element of supply chain management.

VAPE & SAVE, a plan for protecting our Earth, which has been prepared since 2021, after one-year improvement, we finally officially implement it in early 2022. The plan will mainly focus on disposable vape devices, and advocate recycling and reusing.

In order to achieve the goal, SMOK has made practices from the production process, user use to end-of-life disposal (the products material is recovered or recycled at this stage).
Production: To comply with the laws and regulations on the control of hazardous substances; to maximize the utilization of environmental-friendly recyclable materials; to avoid the discharge of toxic waste.
Users: Recycling cartons will be deployed in stores that are selling disposable vape devices in the UK, to appeal to consumers to recycle used disposable devices, and offer a certain reward for the behavior, so that to protect the environment together.
Disposal: The disposable devices will be recycled and treated in harmless ways, in order that reduces the harm of discarded disposable devices.

VAPE & SAVE aims at environmental protection and low-carbon protection, from the perspective of industrial development and corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is committed to building and maintaining an environment for the communities and development of all public.

In the future, SMOK w
ill cooperate with all our partners, terminal retail stores, SMOK users, to promote and implement various environmental friendly plans. Continue to promote product innovation and development throughout the vape industry.