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SMOK Reveals SOLUS 2 Series of Vaping Devices at Global Launch Event in Jakarta


SMOK, the leading brand from Shenzhen IVPS Technology specializing in the research and development, production and sales of e-cigarettes , recently revealed its new SOLUS 2 series at a special global product launch event in Jakarta.

With close to 400 guests invited, the new SOLUS 2 product attracted widespread attention at the event, highlighting the significant pulling power and brand influence of SMOK. In attendance were local distributors, vape shop owners, and key influencers. The SOLUS 2, an upgraded version of the SOLUS series, has been in development for almost 200 days and has come to represent improved vaping experiences and cost-effectiveness for vapers all over the world.

SOLUS 2 makes its global debut

At the event, SMOK Indonesia Regional Manager, Winter, delivered a detailed presentation of SOLUS 2. Behind the scenes of the research and development of SOLUS 2, the SMOK team collected user feedback from hundreds of global vapers, using this data to make improvements and upgrades to address the cons of the first SOLUS series. 

It is easy to see from the upgraded features that SOLUS 2 has improved the user experience and product details with regard to various functions (Southeast Asian version):

Battery & Charging: The strong performance of the 700mAh & Type-C cable meets the needs of long-lasting vaping.

Pod Compatibility: Compatible with both SOLUS 2 Pod & SOLUS Pod.

Wattage & Airflow: Max of 15W, dual airflow design, both RDL and MTL are available simply by switching the installation of the pod.

Appearance & Design: All-in-one design, slim body, comfortable grip. Designed for both aesthetics and practicality.

Price: Continuing the product concept of "Affordable Luxury", SOLUS 2 also benefits user groups with a higher cost performance.

SMOK Awards Ceremony

In addition to unveiling the luxury affordable product SOLUS 2, the SMOK Awards Ceremony was also held at the event. The SMOK Strategy Partner awards were presented to local distributors and the SMOK Influencer awards were presented to key influencers, including VaperSTUFF, Fatriio, Zeze Zeny, and others, thanking them for their long-time support of SMOK. In the future, SMOK will continuously work together with partners, distributors, and influencers to improve the vaping industry. Designing better products for vapers all over the world, together, everyone will succeed.

SMOK Lucky Draw

To thank all the guests who participated in the event, SMOK also prepared some giveaways including a first prize of a monocycle, five smartphones as the second prize, and ten massagers as the third prize.

It is widely believed that the launch of SOLUS 2 will lead to exciting new changes in the vaping industry. Southeast Asia is one of the world’s most important e-cigarette markets and is also a very important part of SMOK's globalization strategy. In the future, as a leading international vaping brand, SMOK will dig deep into demand and continue to enrich product lines while developing the Southeast Asian market. The Company is committed to empowering global vapers to enjoy good products with guaranteed quality and safety.