WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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SMOK NOVO 2 - A Better Choice for You


The SMOK NOVO 2 is here and is creating quite a buzz in the vaping community and with very good reason! As the name suggests, the NOVO 2 is the successor to the hugely successful Novo. So, let's look at why NOVO 2 is a better choice for you.

When you purchase the NOVO 2, in addition to the actual device, you will receive two pods; a NOVO 2 Mesh 1.0-ohm pod and the NOVO 2 DC 1.4ohm MTL Pod, with a USB cable and user manual included in the kit. NOVO 2 also comes with a standard 12-month warranty at no extra cost!

The specifications of the NOVO 2 are impressive. Despite being almost the same size and form as the Novo, the NOVO 2 offers almost double the battery power of the original design, from 450 milliamp Hour(mAp) to 800 mAp. The wattage of the NOVO 2 is immense for the size of the device, with an output wattage of 6 - 25W and an E-liquid capacity of 2ml.

Weighing just 43 grams and measuring 88.3mm *24.5mm *14.5mm, the NOVO 2 is highly portable, with an ergonomic design that lets it fit discreetly in even the smallest of hands despite packing a vaping punch. If you are migrating from smoking or e-cigarettes, the Novo size and shape will feel comfortable and familiar in your hand. The LED lights on the front of the device plainly indicate the battery level using distinct colors.

As with the original Novo, the glossy resin designs are stylish and offer seven design options to suit all palettes. Thanks to the increased ohms you will experience less resistance from the coils, creating a far superior and smoother user experience.

The pod housing has been upgraded to provide increased airflow and prevent saliva interfering with the mechanisms of the device. The fluted mouthpiece also facilitates a tight and controlled draw. The dual coils produce excellent drag for the price point, making for a smoother, tastier draw each time.

As with its predecessor, the NOVO 2 has an open-pod design, which means the cartridges can be refilled. This feature is great for your wallet, as it means you can easily replace the cartridge when needed, rather than the entire device. This feature also means you can select the e-liquid of your choice rather than vaping the e-liquid provided, which is the norm with some devices.   

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WARNING: Products in this essay contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Only for adults, MINORS are prohibited from buying e-cigarette.