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How Long Does Vape Juice Last?


One of the most common questions vapers have is, “How long does e-juice last?” Because it contains food-based ingredients that expire, it’s important to know how long vape juice lasts and that it does have an expiration date. The shelf-life of vape juice depends on the specific ingredients inside any bottle. All juice bottles need to be stored properly in a cool, dark place in order to maximize their lifespans. Most vape juices have a shelf-life of about two years when stored correctly.

How do I know if my e-liquid expired?

Just like checking the food in your refrigerator and knowing the signs of expiration, you should know what to look for when you’re inspecting your e-juice.

Is your e-liquid changing color?

Some e-liquids will change color slightly after being stored, so this usually isn’t a major red flag. The color change occurs due to a chemical reaction known as oxidation, in which the nicotine reacts to oxygen and changes color without usually altering the taste or experience. However, if your e-juice changed color significantly, then you should consider that it may have gone bad.

Is your e-liquid no longer as thick as it used to be?

E-juice thickness varies based on the manufacturer and the amount of PG and VG in the mixture. Blends with higher VG levels are thicker, while those with more PG are thinner. As e-juice ages, sometimes you’ll find that sediment tends to settle on the bottom of the bottle if it’s not used often. This is common and everything should blend back together once you shake the bottle. If you notice that the sediment doesn’t blend back after shaking, this means the juice is expired and no longer vape-able and leads to a thinner, runnier liquid.

Does your e-liquid smell funny?

If you’re about to get into a bottle of e-juice that is more than a year old and hasn’t been used in a while, the first thing you should do is smell it. If it smells sour, funky, or drastically different than it did when you purchased it or used it last, it’s probably a safer bet to go ahead and throw it away.


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