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Everything You Need to Know about Vape Coil Types


Getting the ultimate vaping experience largely depends on your own personal preferences in addition to your choosing the best hardware for your needs. Coils are one of the key tools to getting the best vape, but knowing what you need can be overwhelming at times. Here’s an overview of the different types of vape coils available today. 

What is a vape coil?

First, let’s take a look at what a vape coil actually is. The wound wire part of the atomizer is the vape coil, also known as the atomizer head. This consists of wound wire along with a cotton wick at the center. The coil heats up to a specific temperature, creating the vapor you inhale.

Types of coils

As far as the overall design, there are two types of vape coils: simple and exotic. Simple coils consist of a single strand of wire wrapped around a coiling rod to create a coil. Exotic coils use multiple strands to create different looks and shapes while maintaining the basics of the coil. Some examples of these exotic coils include braided, twisted, alien, and Clapton coils.

Coil materials

Although several metals can be used in making coils, the most common are kanthal, stainless steel, nichrome, nickel, and titanium.


       Kanthal wire provides the best cost-to-performance ratio of any of the materials. In addition to the affordability, it’s also really stable and widely used in coils.

       Stainless steel wire provides excellent flavor and longevity in comparison to the other wires listed.

       Nichrome wire is an alloy composed of nickel and chromium, and heats up faster than kanthal, producing more clouds and flavor with less heat time. It’s also more affordable than stainless steel, so this is a good compromise.

       Nickel wires have the fastest firing speed of any of the metals, as it has zero resistance. However, nickel poisoning is a serious concern, so this should only be used in temp control mode.

       Titanium wires are the highest performing wires of all because they heat up and cool down quickly. They also generate the best flavor of any of the coil metals, but, again, should only be used with temperature control.


Vape coil resistance

The resistance of a coil depends on a few factors: the gauge of the wire, the inner diameter of the coil, and the number of wraps used to make the coil. The higher the wire’s gauge, the higher the resistance will be. As the coil’s resistance increases, the less power it takes to heat the coil.


There are a lot of options and variables to consider when shopping for vape coils. Make sure you’re using the right material and resistance levels for the device you’re vaping on to get the most out of your vaping experience.