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5 Easy Steps to Clean Your Tank


Aside from pens and e-cigs, most modern vaping devices are designed with a reusable, removable tank system that holds the e-juice you vape. The tank systems regularly contain the chamber (the tank), which holds the juice, and the coil, which heats the juice. Just like the rest of your device, the tank requires regular maintenance in order to perform its best and prevent damage.


Tank maintenance is simple: you need to keep it clean! It’s best practice to clean the tank between e-juice flavors or when changing the coil. Plus, it doesn’t take too long!

1. Disassemble your device

Remove the mouthpiece (also called a drip tip) and remove the tank system from the battery. Disassemble the tank system by removing the top and bottom, and then discarding any e-juice in the chamber. Try to disassemble the tank system as much as possible, and take care to remember where each piece goes.


2. Run warm water through the tank

Using very warm water from a faucet with a fairly powerful streamflow, hold the tank under running water for about 20 seconds. This helps to rinse away residual juice, and is usually enough if you clean your tank regularly and don’t allow e-juice deposits to form.


3. Pull a paper towel through the tank

Twist a paper towel or small microfiber towel at the corner and insert it into one end of the tank. Continue twisting the material, pulling it back and forth through the tank to dry any residual water.


4. Clean the rest of the tank system

Fill a bowl with warm water and place the pieces you’ve removed from the tank into it, soaking them for a few minutes. After soaking, use a small microfiber towel or toothbrush to wash the pieces individually, especially those with small nooks and crannies or threading.


5. Air dry for ten minutes

Because juice and water don’t mix well, this step is very important. Even after drying your tank and components with a towel, water droplets are probably still there. Allow the tank and components to air dry for at least ten minutes, but do not apply heat, as this can weaken or damage the components.


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