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The New Anti-counterfeiting System

The New Anti-counterfeiting System

AB verification codes

In order to combat fake products in the Vaping market and protect our treasured SMOK consumers we will launch a new security system, AB verification codes. The updated verification code system requires two codes, both A and B, to confirm the product's authenticity. This method will ensure a near 100% validated genuine SMOK product for our valued consumers. To use our new AB product verification system,simply follow these simple steps.


  1. Make sure you have installed the Vaping Tour APP (version 3.2.9 or later)

    Scan to download VapingTour APP



  2.  Open the Vaping Tour APP,then click on the "Security" to Scan your product's code. 




Find the code labeled as "Code A", located on the outside of your product's package,as per the photo as follows.
Then scan the code. For new product's, you can verify that your's has not been confirmed as only when the A code is not activated, as per the screenshot.


Step 2: 

After purchasing your SMOK product, click on "activate your product"and scan your code B. Code B will be found on the box if you take off the outer packaging. In order to confirm your secondary code you will need to scan the B code twice.


We suggest that customer take apart the package on the spot and scan B code to verify the product’s authenticity.

(After scanning A code,you have 10 seconds to do next step. If the prompt has quit before you scan B code, please scan A code again and then scan B code according to the prompt in 10 seconds.)

If you’ve purchased a genuine SMOK product you will receive the following message "Congrats! You have verified your product and the product is authentic."

After verification you can click the “Bind to User”.  This will bind this product to your Vaping Tour account and others will be able to see that you own this item and that it is a verified original SMOK product. You may choose not to bind a product to your account and it will have no impact on the product or your ability to be part of the Vaping Tour community.

If, in the unfortunate event, you’ve purchased a counterfit product. Contact the retailer who sold you the product and ask for a refund immediately. (Only buy from trustworthy retailers and websites!) Furthermore, if you scan the B code a second time and it does not match  please scan it carefully once more. 


In the circumstance of scanning the B code correctly, it is a fake if the prompts showed as the screenshot above. Please get refund immediately.

Possible outcomes for A code

1.You’ve scanned the A code if the response is “Please note that the product is locked. Please do not purchase| you’ve got a fake and you should not buy it.

2.If you’ve scanned the A code and receive the message “This product already activated on year-month-day (2017-3-15 for example) by the device code (xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx for example)then you’ve got a fake on your hands, unless this device code in the message is the same as your device code, found at the bottom of the current screen.

Please note that the “Bind to User” option has nothing to do with your product’s authenticity. This function merely allows you to share what products you’ve bought and enjoy with fellow Vaping Tour community members.